Not Just A Camper


As you remember we started our project “Not just a Camper ” to reach those refugees who are “working” for coins in the market’s parking lot, providing them Computers and Italian language courses, this is attracting many refugees and we thank God that the refugees can see the opportunity to learn something as well as they are “working”. But we are still facing Covid-19 restrictions here and it is not easy to travel. You may know that in Italy the zones are now classified in colors from red (very high contagion) to green (no covid), unfortunately, we are still bouncing between red and orange zones, so we are moving just in our area to reach as many refugees as we can.

They all hope for a better future, as we do for them too. Although, it isn’t easy to stick with their timetable, because mostly they arrive an hour late to our appointment. Please consider praying also for our wisdom and patience with our “New Friends”.

Certainly, there are different expenses to run the Camper project, such as gasoline and other things. Please remember them in your prayers and consider donating by clicking the link below.

We are continuing to pray for every single refugee we meet regularly that they take this opportunity with responsibility, but most importantly open their heart to the love of God and accept Jesus as their savior.



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