For some time Afghanistan has been in a critical situation: after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, thousands of Afghan citizens were forced to flee from this harsh regime and take refuge in the neighboring countries such as Pakistan, however, once they cross the border, they find themselves wandering in the streets, without food and without a shelter: women are forced to beg to be able to give food to their children, children collect plastic and cans to sell them to recycling shops in search of a few pennies.

To face this situation, the SINAI Association has decided to help and support Afghan refugees in Pakistan, with the collaboration of volunteers and local churches.

Most of these people don’t have a job, are malnourished and don’t have the opportunity to receive medical assistance. SINAI through the distribution of food and a Free Medical Camp, which allows people to receive treatment, medicines and a medical consultation free of charge, supports women, men and children to get out of a critical situation.

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