Who We Are


We cannot fail to highlight the sad suffering in which some people live their lives in many countries of the world. And it is precisely because of all this suffering that a group of volunteers had the heart to set in motion the Sinai Association.

A young boy, several years ago, was persecuted in a country far away with his family for his faith in Christ. From having everything, he remains with nothing and for some long years tries to save his life by hiding from extremist persecutors. He lived every day in hunger and thirst, living in dark and cold places.

This experience changed his heart and brought the family together in a profound unity. after being saved from the long and harsh persecution and arrived in Italy the young boy and his family did not remain indifferent.

With the experience of refugees in foreign country, forced to start their lives again, today their desire is to help those in need, without looking at their origin, skin colour or religion.

Loving their neighbour as themselves and giving to many others the strength to start again.


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