The war in Ukraine has forced millions of citizens to flee, leaving their homes, and to take refuge in neighboring countries searching for safety. On the Hungarian – Ukrainian border, the SINAI Association works together with local partners to rescue war refugees.

One of the first points of entry for Hungary is the railway station of the city of Zàhony, 3km from Ukraine. Every day thousands of women and children arrive, while most men remain in Ukraine to fight. Once they get off the train, these people wait to be registered under tents, in the cold, in poor hygienic conditions and often, given the long waiting times, they are forced to sleep on benches for lack of beds. At the end of the registration, most of them leave for Budapest, the capital, without knowing what will happen next.

These people are suffering, families have been separated and have lost all hope: The SINAI Association through volunteers and donations is trying in every way to be helpful during such a delicate and difficult situation.

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